Fated Love by Jaelyn Storm & Sasha Skye

Dreamspinner Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-935192-57-2

Reviewed by Lisa



The peaceful city state of Thespeia is overthrown by General Xanthor on the eve of the Festival of Erotia.  King Zenon is murdered and Prince Travarius is on the run.  The only reason he isnít hanging beside his father is that Xanthor wants Travarius in his bed.

Travarius believes his only chance to free his people is to appeal to the powerful wizard Anteros for aid.  Long ago Anteros agreed to help the royal family and Travarius plans to collect on that promise if he can stay free long enough to ask.

An ancient mythological story for adults comes to life in Fated Love, a sexy and charming tale.  Fated Love is both sizzling hot and a sweet romance sure to captivate readers.  Fast pacing and fun, I definitely enjoyed Fated Love with a naÔve, complex hero and a very clever wizard. Fated Love is ancient entertainment with just a slice of Mount Olympus.


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