Dragon Mate by Jory Strong

Supernatural Bonds, Book 5

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419921292

Reviewed by Lisa



Long ago a sorcerer cursed Kirill the Dragon with the affliction of impotence, something he refused to discuss with others of his kind.  Now, hope comes in the form of a Drui female mated to Xanthus, his heir.

Shy and introverted Jazzlyn McCabe has gathered the courage to beg a favor from a lady she barely knows.  The owner of Inner Magick is Aislinn and she offered Jazzlyn help should she need it when they met at a gem mart months ago.

Kirill has come to the world dominated by humans to find his mate who he glimpsed ages past in a mirror.  Jazzlyn asks Aislinn to help locate her missing cousin Caro, but what Jazzlyn gets is the man she saw in a mirror at Inner Magick.  It is time for Kirill to introduce Jazzlyn to true magic and her mate, him.

Dragon Mate is the latest sensual treat in the Supernatural Bonds series by talented author Jory Strong.  This is a stand alone story but fans of the series will remember characters from earlier tales.  Dragon Mate is entertaining and sexy although Jazzlynís responses donít always seem real.  For someone with no previous knowledge of magic she seems too easily accepting, taking it all in stride with barely a squawk or real appreciation. Iíve loved this series since the beginning and while Dragon Mate is definitely enjoyable there is just something that doesnít ring true with the heroineís reactions to the unimaginable.


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