Dragonlord by Viola Grace

Tarot Series-The Sun

eXtasy Books

Fantasy, Shape-shifter

ISBN: 1-55410-748-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Marcus is searching for his friend in a small and remote village only to find out that Antoine and his mate both have suffered violent deaths at the hands of invaders.  Their daughter, Lia, is the village smith, taking on the job after the murder of her husband.  Marcus makes Lia the offer he intended for her father.  Intrigued and with nothing keeping her in the village, she accepts, only to be immediately claimed by Marcus as his mate.  From then on, things just keep getting better and better now that Lia finally has a man that can match her in every way.

I plunged right into the straightforward narrative of Dragonlord and was charmed by Marcus and Lia.  The uninhibited and earthy nature of Dragonfolk is part and parcel to the story.  Passion rages hot and heavy between Marcus and Lia at all times, yet there’s wonderful warmth between them, romance and instant acceptance.  The plot is simple and engaging with a small roster of characters that also add sparkle to every scene.   Viola Grace sprinkles in her usual touches of sly, witty humor that always adds spice to her writing.  Dragonlord might be part of the Tarot series but it definitely shines on its own as a wickedly fun tale.


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