Destiny Goes Spare by TC Blue

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Rajís relationship with Andrew was the best thing to ever happen to him. On his twenty-first birthday Andrew throws Raj a surprise party, using Rajís email contact list Andrew invites people Raj never would have expected including his parents.

Meeting his young loverís parents was awkward enough for Andrew, but meeting them in the middle of a party and their discovery that he wasnít much younger then them, awkward couldnít come close to what Andrew was feeling.

Destiny Goes Spare is a sweet quick read.  Rajís parentís were very comical, the mixture of their personality and their way of talking added the to the entertainment level of the story.  Andrew learned a lot about his lover on his twenty first birthday and all the new things they discovered about each other made Destiny Goes Spare a fun read.


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