Derrick by Marie Harte

Circeís Recruits, Book 3

Loose Id

ISBN: 9781596329010

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Derrick is a Circ.  He is big, bad, and lusty.  He is on the hunt for Sabrina Torrence, the woman who helped Kelly, a Circ mate escape Pearson labs.  He and his fellow Circs want to know why she did what she did and if she is a spy, they want to know that too.  What they donít realize is that the woman they are looking for isnít a human; she is a Circ as well and she is about to experience her first change. 

Book 3 of Marie Harteís Circeís Recruits, Derrick is a bit of a disappointment.  First, I found it hard to believe that Sabrina and Derrick cared for each other.  I couldnít sense any feelings other than hormones between them.  Derrickís feelings for Sabrina stabilized the farther in the book I read and that helped some.  Sabrinaís feelings were off; she kept constantly trying to leave knowing full well she would be brought back again.  My second disappointment with Derrick had to do with the storyline revolving around Sabrina accepting Roane as her alpha.  I read the first installment. I KNEW Roane was mated so what Sabrina had to do to show submission to him angered me greatly. I almost didnít finish reading Derrick because of it.  That single scene ruined the entire book and I know I will not read this novel again. 


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