Dancing with Darcy by Addison Avery

Siren-Bookstrand, Inc

M/M/M Menage Trois Paranormal

ISBN: 1-60601-367-X

Reviewed by Ley



Facing up to his sexuality was hard for Garrett Sumner, but hiding his true feelings was easy with Darcy, his high school sweetheart’s help.  Unfortunately she is  now deceased. When Darcy was alive, Garrett pretended she was what he wanted and he was living the life he wanted.  Even though for the most part Darcy made him happy, his life was incomplete.  In death Darcy lent a hand to help Garrett find his way home and to the place where his heart really belonged, which was in the arms of his best friends since high school, Sam and Logan.

Sam and Logan are openly gay and are in a committed relationship but they have always had room for Garrett and now with Darcy’s blessing from the grave they hope Garrett will give them the chance to show him how much they love him.

Dancing with Darcy was a story with a different twist.  It’s sweet with a fun loving ghost in Darcy who obviously cared a great deal for Garrett. She couldn’t rest until she knew he was where he truly belonged. Sam and Logan were pushy yet patient with Garrett, they knew he needed a forceful hand in order to admit what he truly wanted but they backed off just enough for him to be sure he wanted it. I wasn’t really crazy about Garrett. He came across as to needy and a bit petulant.  I know he was dealing with a lot with losing Darcy and coming to terms with his sexuality but I still couldn’t connect with him as well as I would have liked to.  All in all Dancing With Darcy was an enjoyable story with some very erotic love scenes and was a great introduction to the work of Addison Avery.


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