Dance for Me by Pam Champagne



ISBN: 1-60601-326-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Lara Stevens is a Boston Detective who has run into a case that seems to have a shortage of clues and suspects.  The only thing that links the victims together is that they all stripped at a local strip club.  Now it looks like she is going to have to go undercover to see what she can learn.

Reino Larkin is a local who was taking classes with one of the victims and comes into the police station to demand to find out who killed his friend.  What he doesn’t count on is the immediate chemistry with the lead detective on the case, Lara.  Though he is twelve years her junior, he knows this really doesn’t matter.  But it seems to matter to Lara, which makes him more determined for her to see him as a potential friend and lover.

When Reino accidentally discovers Lara’s undercover assignment as an exotic dancer, he becomes a regular at the club, and her defacto backup.  What will happen when Lara finally decides to let her lust rule her and invites Reino back to her place?  Things might just be finally going Reino’s way, but will they last?

Ooohhh an older woman and a younger man.  Got to love stories that break the normal mode but, thanks to Demi Moore that is happening more these days.  In this fun story by Ms. Champagne we find a well established police woman falling for a man she thinks is way too young for her.  But in the end, maybe he is the one to let her feel young at heart and not grow old too soon.  There is more than one twist and turn in Dance For Me, which is very fast paced and easy to read.  Ms. Champagne does a wonderful job of creating likeable and understandable characters with real life struggles.


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