Dana's Release by Michelle Hasker

Leandros, Book 3

Changeling Press

Paranormal/ Shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-742-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Dana has buried herself in her work, since she had the man whom she had a secret crush on marry another.  But when a man, Jacob, drops into her lab and tries to steal her formulas, she throws the first thing she can on him.  Of course it turns out to be experimental pheromones. Now neither can figure out if their instant attraction is natural or pheromone induced.  Before they completely sort this out though, Jacob is arrested for a crime he didnít even commit, yet.  Are they men to be mates, and will Jacob live long enough for them to figure it all out?

This latest installment in the Leandros Series is a fast paced lesson in love and trust.  While I have yet to read the first two installments Danaís Release can easily be read as a stand alone story.  I find that I like Ms. Haskerís fast paced but informative writing style.  She makes the characters come to life in my mind.  What would you do if you finally found the man of your dreams, and he is accused of a crime (oh yeah that he hasnít committed yet)?  Ms. Hasker has a great series going and I think Danaís Release was a wonderful stand alone read.


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