Cupid Shoots, She Scores by Cynnara Tregarth

BDSM Futuristic Ménage m/f/m


ISBN:  978-1-59632-900-3

Reviewed by Jambrea



Ronin and Jacob just graduated from submissive school and are in for a surprise when their teacher and boss give them a Valentine’s Day surprise. The two hope it is the woman of their dreams.

Nikita lusted after her sister’s students; imagine her surprise when her sister gives them to her as a gift.

Trina Edwards, Nikita’s sister, knows the three are meant to be. Will they prove her right?

Cupid Shoots, She Scores is a fanciful story and I love how Trina brings the trio together with her interfering ways.

My favorite story is when a ménage is the forever after kind and it doesn’t hurt that Ronin and Jacob are a hot couple before Nikita is introduced. The three are meant for each other and Cynnara Tregarth does a wonderful job bringing the trio together.  Ms. Tregarth is the one who shoots and scores with her BDSM yumminess. Ronin and Jacob take direction with grace and they are oh so hot. Nikita puts them through their paces and it is exciting to read.

With the hints in Cupid Shoots, She Scores I’m hoping Ms. Tregarth has more stories in this world because I can’t wait to see what she might have in store for Trina!


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