Crossroads by Keta Diablo


Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN 978-1-60659-139-0

Reviewed by Nannette



When Frank McGuire’s partner and friend Quinn Brennan was killed in the line of duty, Frank left the force and became a private investigator. Even though he hasn’t seen Quinn’s wife and kids in five years, he drops everything to help when Emily calls desperate for his help finding her son Rand. Frank remembers Rand. Especially that Rand is eight years younger than him, the son of his friend, and off limits regardless of his attraction to Rand.  Frank agrees to track Rand down and when he does, he discovers that Rand may be in trouble, the kind of trouble that could get him killed. A serial killer that has been preying on women in the area is somehow connected to Rand. It might be up to Frank’s good detective skills and his clairvoyant abilities to save the man he wants. 

Crossroads starts off with Frank’s interesting ability and the painful loss of his partner and friend.  The story picks up some heat when Frank approaches an unsuspecting and scared Rand in a rather intense encounter where Rand is forcibly seduced into giving Frank information. Had this been role playing and both parties involved knew the score, it would be very, very hot, but because of the circumstances it comes off as a bit too realistic and disrespectful towards Rand. The fact that Rand enjoys it makes it sexy, but I still think the scene is over the top due to the circumstances. There are a few more graphic dubious consent scenes that are hot.  Crossroads is more erotica rather than erotic romance.  The romance is unconventional considering how things play out between Frank and Rand. With its intense eroticism and a pretty good storyline, Crossroads is an intriguing read.


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