Creating Chemistry by Marie Harte

Total e-Bound

Erotic Futuristic/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Ménage

ISBN: 9781907010033

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Anin was created in a lab and because of this, her life is in danger.  Never knowing who to trust or if her next breath will be her last, Anin is told to trust two of the most dangerous but sensual creatures she has ever seen.  Her protectors, Nu and Set Fas, are from a planet that breeds the biggest, baddest, and strongest warriors in the System.  Anin wants to submit to each man separately as well as together.  At first the men don’t seem to understand her needs but they soon catch on.  Oh. Yeah. They catch on quite nicely indeed.  Nu and Set Fas are about to be the most sexually sated Ragga bonded warriors ever.

Marie Harte has a way of making me absolutely involve myself in a story.  I can smell what the characters smell, hear their voices in my head, and often times, my heart pounds with excitement.  Creating Chemistry is such a book.  Nu and Set Fas are dominant and they are wicked.  Their treatment of Anin made me sweat more than once, especially after they realized exactly what she needed from them sexually.  Bold passion, sizzling submission – Creating Chemistry was excellent!


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