Crash Into Me by Jill Sorenson

Romantic Suspense

Bantam Dell

ISBN: 978-0-553-59201-6

Reviewer: Melissa



FBI Special Agent Sonny Vasquez gives 100% to her job with nothing left over for a personal life. So when her boss asks her to go undercover to investigate Ben Fortune, a famous professional surfer whose wife was murdered several years ago and is now a suspect in the death of several other women. Sonny never sees herself falling in love with Ben though or becoming romantically involved with him. But the deck maybe stacked against Sonny since it appears that Ben is still in love with his late wife and once he finds out the truth about Sonny any chance they might have will definitely disappear. With evidence stacking up against Ben and Sonny’s desire to protect him can they find a future together?

Jill Sorenson is most certainly an author to watch. With what appears to be her first full length romantic suspense she gives us a riveting story with characters that quickly have you emotionally involved with their lives. Kudos to Ms. Sorenson, Crash Into Me delivers!


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