Close Enough to Human by Brenna Lyons

Loose Id

Futuristic SciFi

ISBN: 978-1-59632-903-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Commander Aleeks Daahn has a bad feeling about this meeting on Xxania Hethhh between a human delegation that he is responsible for and the Xxan delegation, a dominant reptilian humanoid species.  Fifty years ago the Xxan tried to conquer Earth, now they were negotiating a treaty.

Mirienne ‘Miri’ Johns is a biologically engineered Xxan – human crossbreed raised and trained as a negotiator.  When Miri joins the opening session of the meeting all hell breaks loose and she runs for her life.

When Aleeks gets his hands on Miri he soon learns that nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to this crossbred female.  Mysteries and suspicions surround Miri which Aleeks fully intends to get to the bottom of but then Aleeks has a few secrets of his own.

Science fiction and romance are seamlessly joined in Close Enough to Human.  Author Brenna Lyons spins a wild tale with fascinating beings, unique mating practices and much more.  There are some great ideas and the overall concept is original but creating new alien habits and words don’t always work if they aren’t explained or understood completely such as the pheromones Zhigaal and Zhigaah.  Close Enough to Human is well written with compelling characters, but loses itself in the translations at times.


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