Claimed by Darkness by Mia Watts

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 9781419920325

Reviewed by Lisa



For a dozen years or so Damien, a vampire and Dr. Wolfrik ‘Rik’ Usher, a geneticist have shared a home and their lives.  Rik is content as a heterosexual but over time he has begun to fantasize about sexual release with Damien.  On the other hand, Damien is bisexual yet he has kept his desires for Rik to himself, afraid that he will scare Rik off.

The vampire population is slowly dying while the werewolves continue to thrive.  There is a prophecy which holds that one man will save the vampires and bring the two races peace and prosperity.  Damien firmly believes that Rik is their savior.  The time has come to challenge the prophecy and see what happens to Rik, the man that Damien loves above all others.

Claimed by Darkness grants the two main characters some extremely steamy moments with an interesting premise, compelling at times and confusing at others.  Damien and Rik are engaging, sexy and make the story enjoyable.  For me however some of the DNA information was hard to understand and there is a lot of DNA info.  The ending also kind of leaves the characters lives incomplete and that’s frustrating. Claimed by Darkness has a hot, lusty romance that makes this story worth reading but beware all the scientific jargon unless DNA is your thing.


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