Bound by Lila Dubois

Zinahs, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Fantasy/BDSM/Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-59578-535-0

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lord Moregon is no longer a Zinah.  Since his Mistress married and became queen, he has tried to ignore the part of him that requires submission to a woman but it is becoming harder and harder to deny that part of himself.  It is time that Moregon found himself a wife – but she can’t be just any woman.  She needs to be a woman strong enough to give Moregon what his heart and mind crave. 

Aketa hides herself and her scars behind a veil.  When she is helped by a kind man in the market place, she has no idea that she has just caught the attention of the Minister of Agriculture – the same minister who is looking for a bride.  Aketa’s parents and family are harsh to her and she is used to being mute.  When she is told to join the maidens gathered together to wait on Moregon, she is stunned to find herself looking into the eyes of the man who helped her in the village. 

Bound by Lila Dubois is the third Zinahs book and Moregon’s story. Moregon was raised in the temple and as such grew up craving the dominance of a woman.  He knows that in order to be happy, he has to find the one woman who can give him what he needs sexually and he in turn will be her loyal champion.

I never bought Aketa’s ability to be what Moregon wanted.  I was more inclined to see her be dominated instead of she being the dominant one.  Instead of her being ‘trained’ to be submissive to know how Moregon felt, I would have loved for her to have been trained holding a whip, etc.  Most of the book is spent with the girls chosen competing for Moregon’s hand in marriage by finishing a series of tasks. Rooting for Aketa every step of the way, I was glad to see how strong she was on the inside. 

Bound is an enjoyable read – it is sexy and passionate but the sex scenes are more graphic during Aketa’s training.  I would have loved for Moregon and Aketa to interact more with each other.  That would have made Bound just a bit more believable. I do have to confess to having tears at the end. 


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