Blindsided by Marie Rochelle

Red Rose

Contemporary Interracial

ISBN: 978-1-60435-208-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Det. Lindow Woods canít believe the hot little attorney is going to get his chief link to a local drug ring off with almost no consequence.  He though the kid should spend some time in jail.  When he tries to ask her she brushes him off and heads back home.  But, when she is threatened and her cousin disappears, will Lindow come to her rescue, more importantly will she rescue his heart as he tries to keep her safe?

Daria Jacobs has come out west to help her younger cousin out of a jam.  He didnít do the crime he is accused of so even thought the hard assed cop seems to want him to go to jail she will make sure he doesnít.  It is too bad that this cop is the first guy that has made her look more than once in the recent past.  But she needs to head back to her job, and the life she has built for herself.  Unfortunately, someone else doesnít want to see her cousin turn his life around and is out to get him, and shows up to take revenge on Daria.  What will she do?  Who will she call for help?

Blindsided was a fast paced fun read from Ms. Rochelle.  I love seeing two head strong characters battle things out to get their way.  I have enjoyed Ms. Rochelleís writings and continue to do so with Blindsided there is one slight drawback with this book.  Red Rose does not do a great job of editing their writers works and there are a few glaring issues you run into when reading this book, though overall it did not take away from the storyline, it did occasionally confuse this reader.  I loved how spunky Daria was and how she was more than the perfect match for Det. Woods.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Rochelle in the future.


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