Belonging by Shiloh Walker

The Hunters

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN:  9781419920660

Reviewed by Jo



Corinne Lewis has always been quiet and shy, which might be one reason she agreed to marry a friend even though she didn’t love him.  After a wake up call of a sort, Cori ended her engagement.  Not long after that, Cori was attacked and made into a vampire.  The bad part is that those characteristics have remained with Cori after her change.  What’s worse is that because of her change, Cori needs to have sex immediately.  What’s a girl to do when she has needs and no guy?  Hit the town of course. 

Levi Marcum is a cop with a guilty conscience.  He has wondered since Cori disappeared, if she would have been okay had he not sent her away that night.  Now years later, his cousin is gone and Levi is in a strange town to arrange for his funeral and to close up his house.  After a night of drinking, Levi hears an attack in an alley and goes to help. Stranger than strange is what happens to him after the attackers are dealt with.  Now Levi has to find the woman he met in that alley.

Cori had no idea that the man in the alley that night was Levi—until she hears talk at her job.  Cori learns that people she loved have been affected by her “death” and now knows that it was Levi in the alley.  Levi isn’t going to stop until he finds her; Cori remembers just how he was on an investigation.  Cori doesn’t believe that anything can ever bring them together, but when Levi is hurt badly in a battle, is that the answer to both their wants or just a new block between them?

When a nightmare changes your life completely, can you still find everlasting love?  In Belonging Cori has always just wanted to feel like she belongs somewhere.  Levi wonders if somehow he could have saved Cori from the attack that took her away.  As I read about Cori and Levi, I was positive that nothing would give them a chance at the love that was just beyond their fingers.  It seemed with every page something was tearing them farther apart, and then just when I thought it wouldn’t happen, Levi and Cori finally see each other again.  Anguish seemed to be the only thing both achieved, until Ms. Walker proved that love can always find a way.  Cori and Levi will make your heart ache and then sing with joy in Belonging.  Any followers of the Hunters series will not want to miss Belonging.  Paranormal lovers who haven’t yet tried this series, this one would be a great way to begin.  Just be aware that you will end up getting the rest of the series.


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