Beauty and the Beast by Janet Eaves

The Ladies of Legend



Reviewed by Jo



Polly Chapman is a Special Agent who has more than one job.  Polly’s code name is The Eraser and she is the best at what she does.  Some say she can save anyone and others know she can be a cold-blooded killer.  That is until the day one killer makes Polly forget all her training and her emotions come to the surface and she ignores a direct order.  Polly knows that she is about to die, but she will take her killer with her. 

Catcher Stevens is an agent but he is also a physical therapist.  Catcher’s newest job is to put Polly back together and get her back on the job or to kill her.  Catcher believes he knows everything about Polly and what caused her injury.  When he gets to her, Catcher realizes that the agent he has secretly followed is not the hurt woman before him.  Catcher develops a plan on how to bring out the Polly he knows is in there.

Polly has no intention of doing anything that will put her back as she was, but Catcher has a way about him and the hard work to put her body back together has begun.  Polly is making progress until the day a young boy disappears and she knows she has been found by her attacker and now the boy is going to pay.  Catcher finds out pieces that were missing in his information and now will do anything to make sure that Polly comes out of this mission without harm.  Even if it means losing the passion that is developing between them.

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of two people that almost lose themselves to the Agency they work for until they discover each other.  Polly has always put her job before her life until she lets emotion break out.  Catcher loves his job of putting agents back together until he realizes that sometimes getting results does not make the actions okay.  I could feel the anguish that allows Polly to ignore everything but the pain.  I also could see why Catcher would not let Polly wallow in that pain.  As I turned the pages, I felt the spark and blooming passion between Catcher and Polly and thought it was only a matter of time.  Then I was outraged when I realized what had happened and who was behind it.  However, Polly and Catcher put the special in Special Agent and knew that their love was something to fight even the government for.  Beauty and the Beast has suspense, passion and a very happy ending.  What else can you ask for in a great romance?


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