A Tender Rough by Fae Sutherland

Elloraís Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419919565

Reviewed by Ley



Mechanic, Beau Gaines was content in Dixon, Alabama. He had goals and dreams that he knew in time he would achieve.  When Mason Palmerís car breaks down near his garage, Beau never expected the pompous and obnoxious city slicker to be the man he wanted to share his dreams with.

Mason has led a privileged materialistic life, being stranded in hick town in the middle of Alabama was the worst thing to happen to him, or so he thought.  For all the money Mason had, the value didnít compare to the love Beau offered him.

A Tender Rough was very sweet. Mason was a lonely man who was so deep in the closet about every aspect of his life that meeting Beau was a culture shock on so many levels for him. Beau taught him so much, but most importantly he taught him that he was worthy of love and it was okay to have dreams and want to live a full happy life.  Before Beau came along Mason was only existing, after he met Beau he started living. A Tender Rough is another terrific story from Fae Sutherland that left me smiling and very happy to have read it.


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