Apple Crisp by Kate Hill

Yummy Love, Book 3

Changeling Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-086-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Life is working out well these days for Cass. He has a great job as gardener at a magical museum near Hot River tending all the plant life in the area. Previously Cass, his sister and mother had resided in Grimton City living a difficult life because of choices that he still regrets to this day.

As a Transcendence Sprite Fidel is either a beautiful apple tree or a handsome human. Fidel hasnít bothered taking his human form in more than 3 years because of a nasty breakup with his lover Myles. Over time though Fidel has enjoyed listening to Cass speaking to him in apple tree form and one day he takes human form to meet Cass.

Someone is murdering tree sprites in the area and Cass fears for Fidelís safety. Something special is happening between them but with danger lurking they must find this killer before he strikes again.

Apple Crisp is a sexy romance set in an alternate reality where the plant life talks back!  There arenít any real surprises, yet the story is written in a charming style with some very sensual moments. Apple Crisp is a fun adventure with some hot sex, a dash of angst and a host of interesting characters in this entertaining tale.


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