A Cowboy Family Christmas by BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Contemporary Holiday Cowboy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-574-5, 1-60370-574-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Coke and Dillon are enjoying some well deserved time off during Christmas at Dillon’s home.  The catch – they are surrounded and receiving constant visits from Dillon’s family. It can be a bit overwhelming for someone like Coke, who has built himself a family of his choosing, made of cowboys and people who love him as he is.  Still, Coke and Dillon are savoring their free time. Then they get a call of help from one of the men they consider their family and Coke and Dillon take off…

A Cowboy Family Christmas is a sexy and sweet cowboy romance that really delivers the message that family is not only the ones related by blood, but also those we choose to make part of it.  Coke and Dillon are hot and engaging every time they come together, but their love shines the brightest when they are called upon to take care of their extended family.  A Cowboy Family Christmas is a fun and sensual story that really brings to the fore the real meaning of Christmas – family above all else.


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