Witch Island by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Cerridwen Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN:  9781419914249

Reviewed by Elysia



Roxanne’s business could really use the financial punch in the arm Aidan Nevan’s contract can give her. But some things really are too good to be true - is this one of them? Against her better judgment she takes the contract, only to find that she is to teach him on his private island. Once she gets there though, weather and fate seem to conspire to keep her trapped there.

As I was reading Witch Island by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, I had to keep reminding myself I was not reading an old fashioned gothic romance from the seventies. All the elements were there – the trapped damsel, the spooky house and grounds, the strange happenings, and the dark and enigmatic rich hero. If you like gothic romances, then you will most likely love this book. I like Ms. Bedwell-Grime’s voice and her over all writing style, but I found Roxanne a little too weak for my liking. As for Aidan, I felt we barely saw enough of him to know much about him, never mind to feel for his issues.

I will give Ms. Bedwell-Grime another shot, willingly, but will make sure to steer from her Gothic Romances.


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