Windstar by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Shayna



Angela Evans has the job a million women would kill for.  As housekeeper to the world’s sexiest movie star, Rory Keith, Angie gets to spend day and night with the gorgeous Scotsman.  But even as she lusts for the famous actor, Angie could never imagine a relationship with him.  She has children older than him and, despite his flirting, Angie doesn’t take Rory seriously.  What she doesn’t know is that Rory has fallen hard and fast for her.  Will the sexy actor manage to snare his wary employee?

Being swept off your feet by a delicious actor is a tempting fantasy, so I was drawn to the premise of Windstar.  I found Angie to be a likeable character, but unfortunately cannot say the same for Rory.  The twenty-year age gap between the hero and heroine isn’t something that bothered me in the slightest.  However, the hero’s childish behavior and antics reminded me of a kindergartner, not an adult.  What was likely intended to be funny ended up irritating me.  As this book features a movie star hero, there are references to famous actors, but unfortunately I found the numerous alterations of names to be extremely distracting.  Sadly, I cannot say I would have enjoyed this book, even if I were to dismiss the aforementioned problems.  Near the end of the book, the hero inexplicably did something so unforgivable (to me) that I was left extremely upset and disappointed.  In the end, Windstar was just not the book for me.


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