Wild Frontier by Sienna Black

Loose Id

Ménage, Historical, Western, Shape-Shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59632-652-1

Reviewed by Ley



Sheriff Lucas Trumble is faced with a dilemma.  The townspeople of Fairtrade, Montana, are adamant that Louisa Dupre is a witch and they want the sheriff to do something about it. The problem with that is Louisa happens to be the woman he loves.  Lucas knows the rumors the townspeople are spreading are nonsense and goes to see Louisa to prove just that. He never expected to walk in on her and Caleb, his best friend.

Louisa loves Lucas, but she also loves Caleb.  When Caleb came to her after being bitten by a wolf she took him in and cared for him, but on the night of the full moon, Caleb needed her on a more primal level.  Trying to convince Lucas that Caleb needs them both just as much as she needs the two of them will not be easy for Louisa, but she is bound and determined not lose her men to the wild frontier.

I liked Wild Frontier. I would have liked it to be a bit longer to build on the characters more and to give more interaction between Louisa, Lucas, and Caleb.  I didn’t get a good feel of Lucas and Caleb’s relationship before he was bitten to judge if what was happening between them was believable.  Also, the picture painted of Caleb and his personality was so different from how he became after being bitten, it really made curious to want to have known him a little before all this happened.  One thing that did come across loud and clear is that the three of them cared for each other.  Another reason why I felt the story needed to be longer is because there are major conflicts within the story that were resolve too quickly and the ending left me wondering about what will happen next.  Wild Frontier is a story that grabs you and leaves you wanting more.


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