Wide Open Spaces by Gabrina Garza

Amber Heat

Erotic Romance

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-193-7

Reviewed by Tori



Rianne Wilcox travels to The T&A Ranch in Texas to film her latest project.  She is thrilled that it is not another dog food commercial and vows to prove she can direct a real television show.  When Rianne meets the sexy ranch owner, all she wants to do is explore new ways to get him naked.

Evan Matthews is the nephew of the co-owner of the bawdy ranch.  He has a past that he would like to forget, or at least ignore.  When he finds Rianne trying to work the intercom at the gate of the ranch, he is shocked to find out that his aunt forged his name on a contract to allow filming on the ranch.  Quickly, all is forgiven because Evan can think of better ways to spend time with Rianne, most of them involving her being tied up and begging for more.

Wide Open Spaces is hot and steamy.  The sexual tension starts on page two and does not end until you read the last line.  Read this book while drinking ice water, eating a Popsicle, and sitting in front of a fan.  There are also a few touching moments dealing with alcoholism and how it effects those who need to clean up the mess for their loved ones.


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