When Harry Met Jason by Sean Michael

Between Friends

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-334-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Jason and Sammy are best friends. Jason just graduated college and the guys are moving in together. Everything is going great. At a graduation party things get out of hand. The beer has been drugged and Jason gets really wasted.  Officer Harrison Everett takes one look at Jason sitting dazed on the couch and helps him out. He takes him home and cares for him and a friendship blossoms. Things move pretty fast between Harry and Jason. Jason is deliriously happy. Sammy is happy for his friend but something happened to him that night at the party and things are going from bad to worse for him.  Harry and Jasonís relationship is getting stronger and stronger while Sammy is trying desperately to cope with his fear and his stalkers. Heís not alone though. Harry and Jason are right by his side.

Sammy and Jason have a special bond that transcends the boundaries of most friendships. Even after Jason and Harry meet they still share some intimacy, which was okay for me.  Jason and Harry are adorable. They are so in love and so into each other. The chemistry between them is immediate and intense.  Poor sweet Sammy is terrorized throughout the book but by then end with the help of his friends, he seems to be recovering. When Harry Met Jason is about how Harry and Jason meet.  Between Friends Ė also written by Sean Michael, is the story of where Jason and Harry (and Sammy) are now.  Although itís not necessary, I would recommend reading When Harry Met Jason first. Every page of When Harry Met Jason is full of emotion. Itís very moving. I am desperate to read Sammyís story!


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