Waitin' on a Hero by Sydney Somers

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-947-6

Reviewed by Ley



Finley Gallagher has a lot on her mind; the last thing she needs to add to it is an affair with her sexy next-door neighbor.  She’s seen the countless number of beautiful women parading in and out of Trace Fairbanks’ apartment.  Regardless of how much she fantasizes about him and wants him whenever he’s near, she refuses to be another notch on bedpost.

Even more for her to think on is nearly being raped but saved just in time by the mysterious vigilante who’s appointed himself the protector of the city.  Her mysterious hero, known as the Night Watcher, becomes yet another man for her to not only keep her distance from but to fantasize about.

Trace Fairbanks wants Finley for more than a one-night stand.  He wants a relationship, and he wants her to know he’s not the womanizer she seems to think he is.  Will he lose the trust he’s slowly building with her when she discovers he’s the Night Watcher?

Waitin’ on a Hero is fantastic!  I really enjoyed this story.  Finley and Trace are hot together.  There’s so much chemistry and passion between them.  They are such likable characters that I got all giddy when they finally got together.  Sydney Somers did a great job with all of the characters in this book.  I adored Avery, Finley’s very quick-witted best friend and I liked Chance.  I would have liked for there to be more of Chance and Todd, they sounded like an interesting pair too.  My one disappointment was the wrap up of the ending.  I felt it was too quick, but other than that I adored Waitin’ on a Hero and I’m certain many other readers will too.


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