Waiting for Misty by Helen Chilcott

eXtasy Books

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-042-4

Reviewed by Tori



Everyday, Alanya Markov watches the street from her umbrella store window.  She watches for a glimpse of a man she calls Misty. Alanya is not looking for a grand love, as she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, but Misty could change her mind. 

Naylor Nasche is an orthodontist with a complicated home life, though he does not know the half of it until his receptionist drugs him, and his wife leaves him.  After seeing Alanya at a party at the home of a lesbian, he turns to her for advice, because he thinks she is a lesbian, like his wife. 

Waiting for Misty is a well-crafted story.  The characters are all involved in some way, and it can be shocking when you see how.  There are a lot of hot, steamy sex scenes, including some lesbian scenes.   Waiting for Misty is a passionate read.


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