Wailing for Love by Beverly Rae

Samhain Publishing


ISBN 1-59998-716-3

Reviewed by Jambrea



Colleen O’Grady is a banshee and all she wants is to be human again.  She seeks out a witch with hopes of mortality on the line.  Colleen is told that her humanity is within a kiss and Sean Kavanaugh could be the answer to all of Colleen’s dreams.

Will Sean believe in Colleen enough to give her the kiss of life?  Will others stand in the way of true love? 

Wailing for Love is a rockin’ tale of love.  Beverly Rae brings a fresh life to the banshee legend.  Usually a banshee is considered evil, but in Wailing for Love, they help the dead cross over.  Colleen is a strong, fun-loving character and so is her friend Esther.  I’m hoping that Ms. Rae will give Esther her own story because I will be there to read it.  I do wish Sean would have had a little more story time since he is the hero, but I felt most of the focus was  on Colleen and her mission to become human. 

I am hoping for a sequel in the banshee world and will be eagerly awaiting more tales from Ms. Rae.


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