Visions of Darkness by Judith Rochelle

The Lotus Circle

Contemporary Paranormal Romance 

ISBN: 9781419980510

Reviewed by Tanya



Chase Carpenter calls the Phoenix Agency when he suspects something might be wrong with the unveiling of the electronic device that will put his company “on the map.”  Friend and advisor Dan Romeo is the one who responds and thinks that Chase isn’t crazy, that something doesn’t seem right.  When there are the emails from a mystery person saying something bad was due to happen to the robot, Dan feels he must investigate.  What Dan finds is a cute little art historian, Mia, who doesn’t want anyone to know she is the one who sent the warnings.  She got the warning as part of a premonition, and in the past, she has had bad luck when revealing premonitions to others.  While Dan believes there might be truth to what Mia has seen, he is more interested in why this woman makes his blood boil when she is so not his type.  Suddenly Mia’s life is threatened and he is now determined to make sure she survives.

Mia wishes she kept things to herself. Except the hot alpha man who is suddenly in her life -- him she would like to keep.  But she is so confused with what she is seeing, and she is tired of everyone being hostile when she brings things up.  Something is definitely wrong and she wants to make sure that she has a clear conscience when she thought it was just an issue with a robot.  Now people are dying and while she and Dan are growing closer, it looks like they are both in danger.  Dan will call in all the resources to get to the bottom of this issue, but will it be enough to solve the subterfuge and save the girl?

Visions of Darkness is the action-packed follow up to Always on My Mind.  While it is the second in a series, you could easily read this book as a stand-alone, though beware, it will make you want to go back and read the first one.  Ms. Rochelle wrote both a wonderfully romantic and erotic tale with alpha males, strong females, and nail-biting suspense.  I found myself trying to interpret Mia’s visions along with all others in the stories, and trying to figure out all those who were involved in the subterfuge.  Overall, this is a strong second story in the series and I cannot wait to read more about the Phoenix group and their alpha males, yummy.  I liken this story to those of Kay Hooper's FBI series.  If you like a little paranormal in your romantic suspense but aren't into vampires or shape shifters, then Visions of Darkness will be one story you will want to quickly get your hands on.


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