Virgin Jewels by Karen Erickson


Ellora's Cave

Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781419915123

Reviewed by Erys



Hannah is tired of being the quiet, shy, boring baby sister who gets bossed around by her mom and sister. She's also tired of working in the family jewelry store. Though she wants to have some fun, she doesn't do anything to change her life. At least she doesn't until the Virgin Blood Jewels are placed at the store for sale. They call to her like a siren to sailors, and she finds herself helpless to resist.

I enjoyed reading Virgin Jewels because of the way Hannah blossomed during the story. Though quick paced and not novel length, this read like a full story. With the growth of the characters, scorching and kinky sex in public places, and also sweet scenes, there's something in here for everyone.


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