Uniform Desire by Layla Chase

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-101-2

Reviewed by Vicki



Rikka has a fetish for a man in uniform. She is also a klutz when fire is involved. On the third call to her house in just a few months the fire Chief comes to investigate and starts a whole new fire in Rikka.

Connor does not realize what he is getting himself into when he responds to Rikka's call. When he figures out her fetish he makes it his goal to make her see past his uniform and to scream out his name.

Uniform Desire is a five-alarm story. Who wouldn't want the sexy Connor knocking at their door?  Poor Rikka is obviously a klutz in her own right and it can be pretty funny when she accidentally lights things on fire, like her own back yard. 


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