Under Your Spell by Lois Greiman

Witches of Mayfair Trilogy, Book 1


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0-06-119136-7

Reviewed by Annmarie



Ella St. James has a powerful ability.  She can use her magic to change her appearance.  If she wants to be seen as a sultry beauty, she will be.  Instead of using her magic for her own needs, to find a husband, Ella is using it to solve a mystery.  Ella is determined to find out what happened to her friend.

Everywhere Ella investigates Thomas Donovan turns up.  Thomas is handsome, secretive and always in Ellaís way.  The more Thomas is around the magical Ella the further under her spell he falls.

Lois Greimanís Under Your Spell caught my eye when I read that is was the first book in a trilogy about witches.  Witches AND historical romance?  Under Your Spell is a unique combination of the paranormal, historical, romance and mystery.  With a seductive romance and an unusual plot twist, Lois Greiman keeps the reader under her spell!


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