Two If By Sea by A.D. Christopher


Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy M/M Romance

ISBN: 9781419915673

Reviewed by Lisa



Sailing home in triumph with his crew after the Battle of Salamis, Carpus Democritus watches as a sudden storm pitches his ship around and then tosses him into the sea.  As Carpus sinks into the ocean he remembers the promise he made to his grandfather to never remove the aquamarine stone he wears around his neck.  Someday it may save his life…

Charged with the task of retrieving the aquamarine stone from the mortal, Hesiod, a bastard son of Poseidon, plucks Carpus from the water and takes him to a small island.  There Hesiod must persuade Carpus to give up the stone willingly.

One mortal man and one half-god merman fated to meet as adversaries but what happens next becomes a tale for many a bard to retell for years to come.

Two If By Sea is truly a step back in time to the days of the Gods ruling over mortal beings.  Carpus and Hesiod display love in their own way from tender kisses to extremely aggressive sexual encounters.  Each man attempts to be the dominant lover with the rough and explicit sex these two alphas seem to prefer.  Decidedly different, definitely not for everyone but Two if By Sea is a lusty tale many are certainly sure to enjoy.


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