Trust the Night by Sara Saint John

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN:  1-59998-913-1

Reviewed by Jo



Beth Andrews is a police homicide detective on the hunt for a killer -- a Jack-the-Ripper type killer who does more than just murder his victims.  When she has the chance to become the primary on the case, Beth jumps at it, but even with the faith of her commanding officer, the odds are against Beth.  To top it off, she has been told she has to work with a psychologist.  Men really are not on Beth’s top list after a few bad experiences, both as a child and as an adult. 

Sam Jordan is not your typical criminal mind shrink.  He is sexy, old fashioned, and he’s a vampire.  Sam is attracted to Beth from the beginning, but they get off to a bad start.  Once Sam discovers the truth about the madman they are tracking, Sam is even more worried about Beth and determined to protect her.

Beth knows the killer not only knows who she is, but that he will come for her sooner or later.  Trying to hide it from the department becomes harder when she opens up to Sam.  If only she was not so attracted to him.  A moment of passion shows Beth that Sam is more than normal.  Beth discovers that not only do vampires exist, but they can also love.  Now the next worry: her “Jack” is also a vampire and not a nice one.  Beth is determined to get her killer, Sam is determined to keep Beth safe, and both are falling hard for the other.  When the final showdown happens, will Beth or Sam prevail? Or will they both?

Trust the Night took the legend of Jack-the-Ripper into another angle.  Beth is a cop hard on the trail of a killer.  Sam was changed against his will, but he found a middle ground that makes him happy.  Beth and Sam come together over murder, but they stay together because of love and understanding.  I have to admit that it was nice to have a vampire who was not centuries old but just a bit older than you would expect.  I ached for Beth every time she had to search within herself to find the answers she needed to go on.  While I liked the final twist Trust the Night had, I was a bit put off by one decision Beth made.  I had just come to expect more from her.  That being said, I truly believe that paranormal lovers will appreciate a different angle on the Mad Jack story and a much different vampire profile.  I did.


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