Thigh High by Christina Dodd

Fortune Hunter, Book 3


Romantic Suspense

ISBN 10: 0451223373

ISBN 13: 978-0451223371

Reviewed by Jo



Jeremiah (Mac) MacNaughtís New Orleans Banks have been robbed at the same time each year for the last few years.  Always during Mardi Gras, and its just about that time now.  Even though the amounts have been small for some reason, Jeremiah is not going to have it happen again and he has the perfect plan to find the mastermind.  As a matter of fact, he might even have a lead on the person involved.

Ionessa (Nessa) Dahl has worked in the bank for many years. Unfortunately, because of one mistake she just canít seem to get ahead.  However, when you live in the South there are always different ways of looking at things and Nessa prefers the more positive way.  This is a time of celebration and not even being asked to help with the investigation, with a Yankee no less, is going to keep her from enjoying.

Mac and Nessa work together to figure out who is behind the robberies and at the same time they discover a passion between them. However, all is not going to be easy in paradise when Nessa discovers something about Mac and he decides his initial beliefs were correct.  Rage, hurt and misunderstandings are now ruling both Mac and Nessa.  When the truth finally comes out and the misunderstandings understood, will Nessa and Mac be able to let the good times roll?

What do you do when the beads are flying?  In Thigh High, Nessa helps with the preparations for her familyís annual party and wonders if her bank will be hit this year.  Mac just knows heís looking for an insider working at his bank, and if he can discover who that will solve the robberies.  When Mac and Nessa meet, its the North and South colliding again, except this time the South wins the day.  Ms. Dodd had me laughing several times as I watched Mac try to figure out the baffling attitudes around him.  I also loved how Nessa was able to combine the strange ins and outs of the investigation and her uppity Yankee at the same time with grace and class.  The subtle eroticism is evident from the moment Nessa and Mac meet.

Thigh High is a light-hearted romantic suspense that has an undertone of laughter through out it.  If you havenít tried one of Ms. Doddís contemporaries then you wonít go wrong in starting with this one.  While this is the third book in the series, they are all stand-alone and donít have to be read in order or together.


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