The Siblings by Donna Michaels

Valentine’s Day Do-Over

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary/ Fantasy Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Ivy Valentine and Rome Hartt’s siblings are getting married the day after Valentine’s Day.  The Major and Captain have always gotten along on base like oil and water.  Mostly due to the fact that Ivy is known as the Ice Princess and Rome is the King of the One Night Stands.  But, when their families throw them together are they both protesting a bit too much.

Eros, the God of Love, knows that the two are meant to be together.  He will have them repeat Valentine’s Day until they get it right.  But, will they survive the “do-over”?  One would think it would be easy but as the days, and weeks progress and everyone is stuck on the same day will  everyone make it?  Or will Eros have to give up, which will mean Ivy and Rome won’t find their true loves and settle down?

Ack.  What would you do if you could relive the same day over and over?  How about if it was Valentine’s Day?  That is what the main characters of this story are faced with, until they get it right.  I found the premise of Valentine’s Day Do-Over: The Siblings to be funny but I found the actual story to be a riot.  I loved how Ms. Michaels pulled together the different emotions and thought processes that would go through someone’s head if this were to happen to them.  Add into this the thoughts and actions of Cupid and you get a laugh out loud, entertaining love story that does the premise of Valentine’s Day, and this series proud.  You may have missed Groundhog Day but you can still pick up The Siblings.


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