The Sheeman by Red Garnier

Loose Id

Erotic Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-585-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Lenard is king of an island of outcasts forsaken by the world. Their island is a wasteland used as a garbage dump by other countries.  Lenard and the rest of the creatures long for a better life.  When the Cyclops brings Lenard the sheeman, the virgin princess of Merdera, Lenard sends a ransom note to the king of Merdera asking for a beautiful and clean island in exchange for his virginal daughter’s safe return. When his request is denied, Lenard decides to take Shayla’s virginity instead. At first he finds the task arduous but soon he craves his captive.  Shayla will do what she must to gain her freedom, but she too begins to crave her captor’s touch. Shayla is hiding a secret that could gain her freedom, but is that what she still wants?

The Sheeman is about forbidden love, temptation, and searing passion.  Along with a sexy romance, Red Garnier creates a world filled with delightful and endearing creatures. Looks are deceiving on this island of misfits.  The Sheeman has dubious consent but the emotions between them are very heartfelt. I love stories where the captor and captive fall for each other. The Sheeman is a very good one. I loved watching Lenard fall for Shayla. It was fun and intense and very sexy.  The Sheeman is wonderfully written, hot, and romantic. I was surprised by one aspect of the ending. The romantic in me had hoped for something else, but aside from that, I loved The Sheeman!


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