Release Date: January 1, 2008


The Senator's Daughter by Christine Carroll

Medallion Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 193383630X  9781933836300

Reviewed by Ley



Living the life of the rich and privileged, Sylvia Chatsworth never failed to be tabloid fodder.  Her antics constantly sensationalized in the press, she only had to show her face to make the headlines of the nightly news magazines.  She tried not to let it get to her until Lyle came along.  Lyle Thomas has a promising career with the San Francisco DA office, Sylvia found herself very attracted to the straight-laced and very much respected man. However, the tabloids were quick to point out Sylvia was not good enough for him, even though she is the Senatorís daughter.  Making the headlines once again and dragging Lyle with her, things go from bad to worse.  Thinking everyone wants her gone including Lyle and her parents, Sylvia decides to take off for a while on her own.

Lyle is all too familiar with the pain of having someone he cares about disappear from his life, not willing to sit idly by not knowing what happened to Sylvia he takes an offer from her father to search for her.  When he does find her, by being in the right place at the right time, he wants Sylvia to trust and believe in him much more than he wants her fatherís money.  Lyle and Sylvia get to know each other outside the glitz and glamour and they learn there is so much more to each other than what they put forth for the public.  As their attraction to each other builds to love, they find their lives in danger and it may all be connected to the reason Lyle showed up at the place where he found Sylvia.

The Senatorís Daughter is a really good book that I enjoyed reading very much.  Sylvia was condemned where the press was concerned, she could sneeze and it would be turned into a trashy story.  Wanting to take control of her life she takes off on her own and truly finds out what sheís capable of without her familyís name and money to fall back on.  Lyle is an awesome, upstanding and sensitive man who truly cared for Sylvia.  Sylviaís self-esteem was so muddled by how the press treated her she couldnít believe someone like Lyle could want her for more than just sex.  When these two finally did come together is was a very beautiful thing. Aside from the love between Lyle and Sylvia, there are family relationships to mend and mysteries to be to be solved including who could possibly want Lyle and Sylvia dead. The Senatorís Daughter is a fantastic, sweet and very intriguing story.


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