The Role Of A Lifetime by Jennifer Shirk

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 1-59998-953-0

Reviewed by Tori



Sandra has pieced her life back together after her divorce. Along with her sister, she started her own preschool, so she could spend more time with her four-year-old daughter. Her ex is an actor and wants nothing to do with his little girl.  When Sandra’s sister takes it upon herself to invite a sexy actor to do research at her school, it is all that Sandra can do, to not fall for him. 

Ben is living a carefree life, but he is looking for something more, at least professionally.  He is up for a role that could bring him an Oscar. But he has never really been around kids. The solution is easy enough. Spend two weeks at a preschool to learn how to talk to kids.  Quickly Ben finds himself falling for the closed up Sandra, and her little girl.

The Role Of A Life Time has some good times, bad times, and lots of sweet romance. It had good writing but I do wish that it had delved into the character’s lives a bit more, for instance it would have been nice for Steve, the ex, to show up even if it had been a disaster. Other than that The Role Of A Life Time was great fun to read.


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