The Prometheus Promise by Toni L. Meilleur

Samhain Publishing

SciFi-Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-155-6

Reviewed by Ley



Karia is one of two survivors out of the original nine earthlings who fled planet Earth and the nuclear disaster it has now become.  Rescued from one foreign planet and brought to another, Karia is held prisoner by her rescuer who happens to the most beautiful man she has ever seen. Falling for Torin, her captor, was the last thing she expected and the worst. 

Torin, First Son of Scyrrilis, is fascinated by this strange and beautiful woman, and even more so when she turns out to be the first to evoke the ‘Mating Waves’ within him.  Torin holds Karia’s fate in his hands and due to an infection, Karia might be harmful to his people and because of that he has to decide whether she lives or dies. 

The Prometheus Promise is absolutely fantastic!  I’ve never read anything by Toni Meiller before, but after reading this, I will most definitely search out her other books.  This is a very imaginative and entertaining read.  Karia is sweet and feisty and so very much an Earth girl, and she’s unlike anything Torin has ever encountered.  The Prometheus Promise is very entertaining and readers will be wishing their men came with ‘Mating Waves’ so they could have their own personal ‘all in one.’


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