The Man I Love by Vivienne Lorret

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-021-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Raleigh is a hard working young woman who is carrying for her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and trying to make her place in the world.  She has always been a bit intimidated by those with a lot of money, and is not sure how to act at the masquerade party thrown by the aunt of her best friend.  But, in the end she finds herself having fun, especially when she is intrigued by the masked man who seems to be more than a little mysterious.

Xavier hates the parties that his mother throws.  Now that isn’t true; he doesn’t hate the parties he just hates that everyone seems to have his role at the parties, the family company, and the rest of his life mapped out.

When Wolf (Xavier) sets out to spend time with her away from the party she doesn’t know what to think.  Especially since he wants to date her and she has a hard fast rule to not date people that live in her building.  Add to this the fact that he is the cousin of her best friend, and she warns Abbie away from him, what is a girl to do?

What is a man to do when he finds out the only woman to intrigue him recently is the one that lives in his building, and what about everyone who thinks he is engaged and will be marrying the witch Collette?  And will knowing Raleigh make him strong enough to fight for all that he really wants?  If he is going to do that then it will not be an easy task and he will have to be ready to make some large changes in his life.

A masked ball may lead to more than one decision before the night is over.  Will Raleigh trust the man behind the mask?  Especially when she finds out who he is?  This is how The Man I Love starts out, but it finishes with a strong love story that you will have laughed and cried through.  The story also will educate you a bit about Alzheimer’s, which is not usually a disease seen in an erotic romance story, but easily lends itself to helping show Raleigh’s character in this novel.  At the same time it is easy to see where Xavier gets his character from, as his family does play a part in the overall story. Though there is more than one heart breaking moment where I thought they wouldn’t end up together.   I thoroughly enjoyed the story as well as the characters that Ms. Lorrett created in The Man I Love.


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