The Graveyard Shift Blues by Chris Wolfe

Torquere Press

Gay Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Delivery guy Lex is none too pleased when he ends up having to make a delivery to a graveyard at night.  Since he believes heís delivering something thatís probably illegal, however, he thinks nothing of the location.  Then his client shoves him into a mausoleum and traps him there with Sam, whoís been there for months.

The Graveyard Shift Blues is a very strange, dark story, but I liked it.  Sympathizing with Lexís plight after he was locked up in the tomb was easy.  I would be scared if someone trapped me in a cemetery, too!  Sam, the other captive, was an interesting character.  In some ways, heís resigned to his fate, yet at the same time, he keeps himself in shape and isnít ready to give up hope.  Whether it was just proximity and a shared need for comfort, or real love that developed between the characters, it was emotional and felt real.  The confining, dark atmosphere of the story lightened a bit as they came together.  While I donít think this story would be everyoneís cup of tea, if you like dark paranormal tales, youíll like Graveyard Shift Blues


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