The Elegant Corpse by A.M. Riley

Loose Id

Erotic M/M BDSM Romantic Suspense

ISBN 978-1-59632-699-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Detective Roger Corso returns from a week long vacation to find a mummified corpse on his couch.  The victim is identified as Gary Williams and he has been dead for twenty-five years.   The investigation delves into aspects of Rogerís personal life. Although Rogerís partner Mary Anne Stelter knows Roger is gay, she does not know he is a dominant man leading a BDSM lifestyle. Keeping his personal life private is proving increasingly difficult for Roger as the investigation proceeds.  Sean Williams is Garyís brother.  Sean is the opposite of Roger in every way. Sean irritates Roger most of the time, which in it of itself is amazing. Roger hasnít felt anything for anyone since his lover Patrick died and yet Roger feels something whenever he is around Sean.  Sean has deep desires that he wants to explore with Roger, but as their relationship changes and becomes intensely passionate, the killer strikes again.

The Elegant Corpse is a very well written story. I was riveted to every page.  Roger and Seanís fascinating relationship, along with a suspense-filled plot, eerie corpses, and the tight-knit BDSM community, make for a fantastic story.  Roger is always in control. Sean rattles him with his fidgeting and chaotic behavior.  Although theyíre very different, theyíre perfect together. The BDSM between Roger and Sean is very sexy and poignant as well. The Elegant Corpse is a mysterious and gripping story with an angst-filled erotic romance.  I loved it.  


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