Release Date: June 2008


The Duke Next Door by Celeste Bradley

The Heiress Bride Trilogy, Book 2

St. Martins

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0-312-93969-4

Reviewed by Annmarie



Dierdre Cantor is the most beautiful of her cousins.  The same cousins she is vying against to win her grandfather’s fortune.  Dierdre is determined to be the first to marry a duke.  When Calder, the Marquis of Brookhaven and future Duke of Brookmoor, is left without a bride, Dierdre makes her move.

Before her wedding day is over, Dierdre’s hope of a fantastic new life is crushed when she learns that Calder has kept a devastating secret from her.   Hurt and let down, Dierdre resolves to make Calder pay for his transgression.  Whereas Calder is just as single-minded in his desire to make Dierdre his true wife in every way.

Fans of the historical romance genre must try Celeste Bradley.  The Heiress trilogy is a great place to start.  The Duke Next Door is filled with sexual tension, sharp dialogue and heart scalding romance.  You’ll love Dierdre’s stubborn resolve and Calder’s sensual persuasion.  The Duke Next Door is delicious!


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