The Bride’s Baby by Liz Fielding

A Bride for All Seasons, Book 1


Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9780373175062

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sylvie Smith is a wedding consultant and party planner.  Planning the wedding of a school chum who runs out on the groom is not her idea of fun.  Coming face to face with Tom McFarlane, the jilted groom, makes Sylvie’s heart pound.  She feels bad for lusting after the groom to be but when the smoke clears and Tom and Sylvie each go their separate ways, a tiny being is left behind.  Sylvie winds up pregnant. 

Months later, Tom returns to the mansion he purchased to find a very pregnant Sylvie Smith planning a dream wedding.  Tom doesn’t realize that the wedding is a publicity stunt and that the baby Sylvie is carrying is actually his. 

The Bride’s Baby is the type of book that has made Harlequin Romance novels famous.  You have the innocent wedding planner and the enigmatic jilted and jaded groom.  They come together in a burst of unavoidable lust.  I just wish I could have been privy to the actual baby making.  The love scenes were very tame and while I yearned for more explicitness, The Bride’s Baby was actually entertaining.  It was sweet romance at its best.


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