Release Date: 06/26/08


The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy by Karen Kelly


Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1769-1

Reviewed by Nannette



Sam Jones is a police officer. His best friend Nick is his partner. Nick’s fiancée Kia is an alien from the planet Nerak.   When Sam stops by Nick’s apartment before leaving on vacation, Kia’s sister Lara arrives by spaceship. Lara is a healer on Nerak. She has come to Earth to find a plant that will cure an Elder on Nerak who has become ill.  Sam reluctantly takes the high and mighty Lara to his cabin in the country to find the right plant. Lara is beautiful and sexy but she’s also uppity and stubborn, and she drives Sam crazy. 

Lara learns many things during her stay on Earth, including how good sex is and how deliciously addicting chocolate can be! She’s going to miss them when she has to return to Nerak. She’s going to miss Sam most of all though. Lara can’t stay on Earth, and Sam can’t go to Nerak. Now that she’s learned about love, will Lara be able to say goodbye?

Karen Kelly pens a story full of laughs and hot sex with The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy. It’s just as good as the previous books in this series, Cosmic Sex and Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind.  Lara’s sexual and culinary education is both entertaining and hot.  Sam is noble. But what’s a guy to do when a gorgeous and sexy naked woman demands sex from him? Give it to her of course!  There is a lot of chemistry between Lara and Sam.  It’s not just fun between the sheets. Their strong connection goes beyond sex. The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy is an out-of-this–world, fun, and sexy romp!  


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