The Arrangement by Cat Grant

Lyrical Press

Erotica/ Mťnage ŗ Trois

ISBN: 978-0-9817144-3-1

Reviewed by Ley



Eric Courtland is in love with two people, his wife Ally and his lover Nick. When faced with the possibility of losing one of them, Eric makes a bold proposal to keep the people he loves in his life.  Taking such a risk to keep his wife and lover can be devastating to Ericís political career if their secret is revealed.  Worst yet, the pressures of keeping their arrangement a secret while personal obligations and careers pull them in different directions, takes a toll on all three of them and it threatens to destroy the life they are trying to build together.

Cat Grant produced a very interesting and enjoyable story.  The Arrangement is not just a story about a mťnage a trois, itís also a story of three people in three separate relationships, Eric just happens to be the common denominator within the trio.  Itís quite rare that the three of them were sexually active together.  Ms. Grantís characters evoked feelings of compassion and disdain from me, especially Eric.  I was not agreeable to how he treated Ally and Nick most of the time.  I know he loved Nick, but sometimes his treatment of him was very cold and uncaring, and the sad part was he didnít realize it.  Ally rubbed me the wrong way quite often too, but I could tolerate her.  I absolutely loved Nick and he deserved much better treatment from both Ally and Eric.  If he walked away from the whole ordeal, no one would blame him.  Thereís a lot of heartache caused by miscommunication and personal insecurities between these three.  It takes a lot of understanding and patience, especially from Nick, with some from Ally, in order for these three to overcome the hurt and anger and focus on the love they share.  The Arrangement is a really good story, I certainly enjoyed it and Iím sure others will too.


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