Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-931-X

Reviewed by Lisa



White witch Kira Douglas relocates to Sedona, Arizona with the hopes of obtaining guardianship of the young niece she has never met.  Kiraís sister Sonia used black magic to murder her husband Kyle and then committed suicide leaving three-year-old Marissa in the care of her fatherís family.

Aiden Calhoun along with his siblings Gavin and Riana are still in shock over their youngest brotherís death.  The family is known as leading conservationists in the area, which helps to hide their secret legacy as shape shifters.  A legacy they wish to keep hidden from their witch-in-laws.

When Kira meets Aiden for the first time sparks fly, sparks of distrust and desire.  On top of mourning Kyle, there are dead or missing shape shifters at the Calhoun compound and Aiden canít figure out what is happening to the beings that count on his family for protection.  Meanwhile, Kira cannot understand why Sonia would use black magic, which is strictly forbidden to a white witch.  One thing is crystal clear, someone unknown is orchestrating everyoneís movements,with destruction and death the end result. A sexy shape shifter and a wicked little witch need to find this evil before it becomes too powerful and destroys them all.

Temptation Unleashed is a magical adventure from start to finish!  Both Kira and Aiden  are strong, powerful characters fighting an attraction to each other and prejudging  each otherís motives which gives the evil in this story a very strong foothold.  The main characters are ably assisted by a solid cast of secondary players who definitely enrich Temptation Unleashed.  The only bump is that it seems like Kira and/or Aiden should have figured out where the evil was coming from sooner. Still, Temptation Unleashed is a sexy, character-driven paranormal story Iím sure readers will enjoy!


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