Taking Control by Jenna Byrnes


Erotic Contemporary Romance

ISBN 978-1-906590-59-8

Reviewed by Nannette



T.K. Knight is the new loan officer at the bank Jennifer Steele where works.  Although Jen is attracted to T.K., she is careful not to get too close. Jen doesnít do office relationships and after a co-worker was killed in a bank robbery a few weeks ago, she is cautious of strangers. T.K. is proving to be a temptation she canít resist though.  They begin a hot affair but Jen is still holding herself back a bit.  When Jen finds out why T.K. is really there sheís convinced that she was right for not trusting him. But maybe she was wrong.

The sex is very hot in Taking control. T.K. is a master at talking dirty. Although T.K. and Jen have great sexual chemistry, they didnít create much of a connection otherwise. They felt a bit cold to me. Taking Control is a pretty good story but it lacked emotion and depth.  


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